Khatchatur Pilikian (1939-2019)

It is with profound sadness that I must announce the death of our friend and comrade Khatchatur Pilikian, who passed away on 28th July.

Khatchatur served for several years on our committee and was very active in the Socialist History Society, always supportive, selling our books and distributing leaflets, always very engaged in discussions at our talks. Read on ...

John Ruskin, For and Against

Socialist History Society Public Meeting
2 pm, Saturday 21st September

David Morgan and Duncan Bowie debate the pros and cons of John Ruskin’s ideas, their relevance for today and his influence for good or ill on the labour movement.

All events are held at: Red Lion Hall, Basement, Tresham House, Red Lion Square, entrance via Lamb’s Conduit Passage by Conway Hall, Holborn, WC1R 4RE

The Following meeting will be on November 16th
Hunger in War and Peace: Women and Children in Germany
Dr Mary Cox ‎ Read on ...

The British Labour Movement and Internationalism

Call for contributions – special issue of Socialist History on:

The British Labour Movement and Internationalism

In this era of Brexit, the British Labour Party and the wider labour movement face the twin challenges of globalised capitalism on the one hand, and an upsurge in backward-looking nationalism on the other. Siren voices call on Labour to embrace one side or the other. Read on ...