Socialist bookshop calls for solidarity following Nazi attack

Bookmarks bookshop in Bloomsbury, central London, has called on
supporters to attend a solidarity event following an attack by far
right thugs.
Twelve men invaded the shop last Saturday, destroying displays,
wrecking books and chanting Alt-right slogans. One was wearing a
Donald Trump mask.
Since the attack Bookmarks the socialist bookshop has received
messages of support from leading figures in the trade union and labour
movements and thousands of activists from around the world. Read on ...


By Khatchatur I. Pilikian

What is happening in Armenia is essentially the conflict between Representative Democracy and Direct Democracy. Representative Democracy is, as always, masterfully manipulated especially by Capitalism to camouflage Democracy, sometimes to the extreme — dragging it to cover-up mafia oligarchy – as in Armenia, now a ‘free, democratic’ Third Republic… Long last, Direct Democracy of the vast majority of the population of Armenia is trying to change the situation to acquire genuine democracy, hoping to scrap mafia infested capitalism of the republic. Read on ...

Remembering Bill Pelz

by Patrick Quinn and Eric Shuster

            Bill Pelz, a well-known socialist activist and prolific scholar in the field of European and comparative Labor History died at the age of 66 in Chicago on Sunday, December 10, 2017, following a heart attack.  Bill was born into a working class family on the South Side of Chicago. Read on ...

How can SHS assist in promoting the presence and presentation of women in history

A discussion paper from Dr. Greta Sykes, Associate Researcher, UCL, London

The case of an unsatisfactory representation of women both in historical writing and in numbers of historians teaching and writing has been clearly made (A Enright’s reflections in LRB/2017, W. Thompson ‘the history of civilisation is also the history of misogyny, 2015, Marx/ Engels: ‘The foreshortening of history is to impose intellectual shackles upon the further investigation of the great transformation that occurred from savagery to civilisation, ‘The first class oppression is that of the female sex by the male: the key change being the gradual deprivation of sexual freedom from women, but not from men, 1976.’

I propose that the SHS can and ought to take a lead in actively promoting making progress from a situation of inequality through the following measures:
1. Read on ...