Hegel For The 21st Century

By Greta Sykes


Called ‘the philosopher of modernity’ Georg William Friedrich Hegel was born 250 years ago on the 27TH August 1770. His birthday is an invitation to explore some of the major ideas that led to his prominence. At the present time we find ourselves in the uncomfortable yet fascinating situation of watching the solidity of the Western world crumble and diminish to something not unlike a walnut shell being rocked on the ocean of our time, lost and about to sink. Read on ...

Deborah Lavin

From David Morgan, Secretary of the Socialist History Society:

It is with deep sadness that I have to inform everyone of the death of our comrade and friend, Deborah Lavin, a very active member, a serious historian and excellent speaker, who organised some excellent lecture series in recent years at Conway Hall.

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