Decadent Women

Yellow Book Lives by Jad Adams

An on-line seminar from the Socialist History Society
Tuesday 5 December 2023 – 7pm

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Chronicles the vibrant and passionate women who wrote for the 1890s journal The Yellow Book.

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During the 1890s, British women for the first time began to leave their family homes to seek work, accommodation, and financial and sexual freedom. Read on ...

The “New” Lukács

An on-line talk to mark the anniversary of the publication of History and Class Consciousness
Speaker Andrew Feenberg

The initial reception of Lukacs’s History and Class Consciousness was almost entirely negative. Non-Marxists didn’t like his Marxism and Marxist disliked his borrowings from contemporary social science and philosophy. From 1923, when the book was first published, until the 1960s when a new generation of readers discovered it, History and Class Consciousness largely disappeared from both history and consciousness. Read on ...

The Silence of Oppression

Hugh Brody and Merilyn Moos discuss how the experiences of imperialism and of exile from Nazism generate and rely on silences in both personal and political realms.
Hugh Brody’s books include Living Arctic, Maps And Dreams,The Other Side of Eden and Landscapes of Silence; his films include Nineteen Nineteen, England’s Henry Moore and Tracks Across Sand.
Read on ...

“Uncomradely and un-communist”- the CPGB and CPA Debate, 1947-1948

Speaker: Gregory Billam

The Communist Parties of Great Britain and Australia until May 1943 were dutiful members of the Comintern, however, when this body was disbanded by Stalin, both Parties were notably excluded from the newly established Cominform in late 1947. Deemed to be on the periphery of international communism, this newly found ‘independence’ prompted a turn towards Communist Parties developing their own ‘roads’ to socialism, and by extension unofficial organising hubs or spheres of influence. Read on ...

Horatio Bottomley and the Far Right Before Fascism

Socialist History Society meeting

Horatio Bottomley grew up in a prominent secularist family, knew Bradlaugh and Holyoake from a young age, before making his own career as a newspaper proprietor. He became an anti-socialist Liberal, a war-time champion of anti-German riots, and finally a leading figure in the post-1918 far right. Read on ...