Autobiography of Syd Bidwell

Labour Heritage is delighted to announce publication of the autobiography of Syd Bidwell who served as Labour Member of Parliament for Southall 1966 – 1992, and was well known in his day for his stand against racism.

‘Southall became a place of settlement for many workers and later families from the Indian sub-continent. As you will see, this was the main reason why I was thrust into the forefront of the struggle for racial harmony in Britain. I became a target for continuous abuse and even physical attack…….. in unfolding my story, I hope you will share with me the life I have led, some of the sorrows and some of the joys. In the course of the narrative, it will display a wide span of labour movement history….’

‘A Tale to Tell’ is available from Labour Heritage at £5 per copy, Post-free.
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