SHS 2018 Meetings

Cult and anti­cult: Lenin, Stalin and
Trotsky in the 1920s
Speaker ­ Prof Kevin Morgan
Kevin Morgan is Professor of Politics and Contemporary History at the University of Manchester. Former editor of Socialist History, Kevin is author of numerous studies on the history of Communism, in­cluding Labour Legends and Russian Gold, Harry Pollitt (Lives of the Left), Against Fascism and War: Ruptures and
Continuities in British Communist Polit­ics, 1935­-41. He is an editor of the journ­al, Twentieth Century Communism.
Kevin is a trustee to the Communist Party of Great Britain Archives Trust and the Working Class Movement Library, Salford.
2.00pm, Saturday 27th January 2018

Billy Strachan 1920­1998 RAF Officer, Communist, Civil Rights Pioneer, Leg­al Administrator, Internationalist and above all Caribbean Man
Speaker David Horsley
David is a retired teacher who worked for thirty years in Lambeth and Jamaica. He is a member of Caribbean Labour Solid­arity, and Cuba Solidarity Campaign with a particular interest in Caribbean, African American and South African Commun­ists.
2.00pm, Saturday 17th March 2018
This is a joint meeting with Caribbean
Labour Solidarity

Dramatising the revolution:
Marx, Paris and the 1848 Revolution
Speaker Katherine Connelly
Katherine is a writer and historian. She has just completed a PhD on Marx and Parisian culture and is the author of
Sylvia Pankhurst: Suffragette, Socialist and Scourge of Empire (Pluto Press).
2.00pm, Saturday, 12th May 2018
All meetings at the
Marx Memorial Library