London Socialist Historians’ Workshop on
Internationalist Renegades and Traitors

Saturday 19th May, 12 – 5pm
Wolfson Room, Institute of Historical Research
Senate House, WC1E 7HU
Admission free, with a collection to cover expenses
Registration required

The Levellers who refused to support Cromwell’s war in Ireland; the Polish troops who rebelled against Napoleon and sided with the Haitian Revolution; the Irish-American “St Patrick’s Battalion” who rejected American imperialism to fight with the Mexicans; the British people who joined the Indian Rebellion of 1857; the Confederate deserters who opposed slavery; the German anti-Nazis who deserted and joined the Red Army or who fought with the French Resistance; the French anti-colonialists who helped the independence fighters in Algeria and Vietnam. There have been some rare but truly inspiring and heroic examples of internationalism throughout modern history, when those being drafted into fighting for unjust wars rebelled to side and fight against imperialist oppression. This workshop will try to recover the lives and often hidden histories of these true ‘citizens of the world’, as well as considering moments in history where the potential for anti-imperialist internationalism did not materialise.


  • John Newsinger
  • Merilyn Moos
  • Ian Birchall
  • Jonathan North
  • Steve Cushion

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