SHS Newsletter

Summer 2018 edition of the Socialist History Society Newsletter can be downloaded from here…

  • Bill Peltz­ A Personal Appreciation
  • Echoes of Revolution conference report
  • The legacy of Rodney Hilton
  • Book review – Communism and Democracy
  • Death at the Frontier
  • Music review – Yiddish Glory: The Lost Songs of WWII
  • The Destruction of the Lukács Archives in Budapest
  • Powerful Women in 12th century Early Renaissance Sicily
  • The Windrush Scandal and the History of Slavery
  • Book Review – Yes to Europe, The 1975 Referendum Campaign and Seventies Britain
  • Book review – The Histories of Raphael Samuel
  • Prostitution, Pimping and Trafficking – a series of six talks at Conway Hall, curated by Deborah Lavin
  • Future Socialist History Society Public Meetings