The Legacy and Lessons of 1968

Mike Makin-Waite and David Parker

Socialist History Society Public Meeting
Saturday 17th November 2018 at 2pm
37a Clerkenwell Green EC1R 0DU nearest tube Farringdon

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Fifty years ago, Czechoslavakia was about to enter a period of ‘normalisation’ following the invasion of that country by the Soviet Union and its allies. Mike Waite and David Parker will draw upon their recent publications to reflect upon the significance of this event for the communist movement and socialism for which it was both a major set back and a turning point. It acted as a spur to Eurocommunism, to rethinking the relationship between Communism and Democracy and to new strategies for the achievement of Socialism.
Mike will offer some overall perspectives on the significance of 1968 as a turning point for left wing politics and prospects.
David will draw on the remarkable correspondence of his Communist father with a disillusioned Czech – conducted in defiance of the censors from 1968 to 1971- to illustrate the human and political costs of ‘normalisation’, the aspirations of the two men for a better future and the continuing relevance of their thoughts about how to get there.