By Khatchatur I. Pilikian

What is happening in Armenia is essentially the conflict between Representative Democracy and Direct Democracy. Representative Democracy is, as always, masterfully manipulated especially by Capitalism to camouflage Democracy, sometimes to the extreme — dragging it to cover-up mafia oligarchy – as in Armenia, now a ‘free, democratic’ Third Republic… Long last, Direct Democracy of the vast majority of the population of Armenia is trying to change the situation to acquire genuine democracy, hoping to scrap mafia infested capitalism of the republic. Read on ...

AGM and May meeting

Socialist History Society Public Meeting
Labour and Communist Politics in the City of Oxford Between the Wars
Speaker: Duncan Bowie

May 12th 2pm till 4pm for the talk, preceded by the AGM at 1pm.

Duncan Bowie is a research associate at UCL. He is a member of the executive committees of the the Socialist History Society and the London Labour Housing Group. Read on ...