The historian Jorge Ibarra Cuesta has passed away

Jorge Ibarra Cuesta, one of the most influential and lucid researchers in the field of Cuban history has died at the age of 85. He was the author of a large body of work that is essential to understanding the process of construction of the Cuban nation.

In 1996 he was was honoured by the Ministry of Culture with the National Prize for Social Sciences and in 2008 he was awarded the national History Prize by the Cuban National Union of Historians, in both cases for his life’s work. Read on ...

Oxford Communist, Indian Nationalist & Tibetan Buddhist

Public Meeting

The Unconventional Life of Freda Bedi
Speaker: Andrew Whitehead
2.00pm Saturday 20th May 2017
Marx Memorial Library
This meeting will be preceded by the Socialist History Society AGM, which starts at 1pm

Historical Controversy in Cuba

Recently there has been a controversy in the Cuban press over the murder of the General Secretary of the Cuban Federation of Sugar Workers in 1947. The journal of the Catholic diocese of Havana, Espacio Laical, published an article by Newton Briones Montoto arguing that he was not murdered by an army officer but was killed in self defence as he fired on the officer first while resisting arrest. Read on ...