Book Launch – “The Defeat of Gilgamesh” by Greta Sykes

Thursday December 10th at 7pm [via Zoom]

This book presents an epic feminist narrative about ancient Mesopotamia. It tells the story of the beginning of writing, the spiritual world of the people, their harvest festivals and their close relationship with their gods. Taking the form of an adventure story, many details of life in the earliest known civilisation are depicted in a dramatic way. Read on ...

Marxism and the Mayflower

Speaker: Graham Taylor

Socialist History Society
Public Zoom Meeting
Saturday 7th November 2020 at 2pm
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Following the recent publication of his book, The Mayflower in Britain, and his Gresham Lecture, The Mayflower: a London-Leiden Adventure, Graham will describe the historical context of the Mayflower expedition and explain how in the 19th century its story was incorporated into conservatism, liberalism and Marxism. Read on ...