SHS Newsletter

Summer 2018 edition of the Socialist History Society Newsletter can be downloaded from here…

  • Bill Peltz­ A Personal Appreciation
  • Echoes of Revolution conference report
  • The legacy of Rodney Hilton
  • Book review – Communism and Democracy
  • Death at the Frontier
  • Music review – Yiddish Glory: The Lost Songs of WWII
  • The Destruction of the Lukács Archives in Budapest
  • Powerful Women in 12th century Early Renaissance Sicily
  • The Windrush Scandal and the History of Slavery
  • Book Review – Yes to Europe, The 1975 Referendum Campaign and Seventies Britain
  • Book review – The Histories of Raphael Samuel
  • Prostitution, Pimping and Trafficking – a series of six talks at Conway Hall, curated by Deborah Lavin
  • Future Socialist History Society Public Meetings
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“The Labour Party in Historical Perspective”

A Socialist History Society Occasional Publication

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The Labour Party was established in 1900 by trade unionists and socialists as a means of giving a strong independent political voice to working men and women in Parliament and in local government. Its core socialist values were definitively defined in its classic Constitution adopted in 1918 at a time when the party was reorganising itself to become a more efficient national political machine. Read on ...


By Khatchatur I. Pilikian

What is happening in Armenia is essentially the conflict between Representative Democracy and Direct Democracy. Representative Democracy is, as always, masterfully manipulated especially by Capitalism to camouflage Democracy, sometimes to the extreme — dragging it to cover-up mafia oligarchy – as in Armenia, now a ‘free, democratic’ Third Republic… Long last, Direct Democracy of the vast majority of the population of Armenia is trying to change the situation to acquire genuine democracy, hoping to scrap mafia infested capitalism of the republic. Read on ...