The Drax Family Dynasty & the Business of Slavery

Reparations for Enslavement as a trade union issue

A London Socialist Historians seminar at the Institute of Historical Research
Steve Cushion is a Senior Research Fellow at University College London – Institute of the Americas

23 January 2023, 5:30pm – 7:00pm

The Drax family pioneered the plantation system in the 17th century and played a major role in the development of sugar and slavery across the Caribbean and the US. They were able to generate extraordinary wealth through the cultivation of sugar by enslaved Africans.
Richard Drax, Member of Parliament for South Dorset, has recently been in the news as the Government of the Republic of Barbados is considering legal action against him to recover the Drax Hall Plantation and seek further reparations for enslavement.
David Comissiong, Barbados’s ambassador to CARICOM, said of the Drax family:
“You can’t simply walk away from the scene of the crime. They have a responsibility now to make some effort to help repair the damage”.