Spring Sale

The Socialist History Society is having a Spring Sale of back numbers of our Occasional Publications.

Special offer £1 each plus postage. Members normally receive the Occasional Publications as part of their subscription, but if you want a copy of an issue that came out before you joined, these will be free to members, just pay the postage.

Let us know which ones you want, we shall weigh them and work out 2nd class postage. Be aware that international postage rates can be extortionate.

Orders and more details from

The following are currently available.

17 Linda Colley Another Making of the English Working Class: The Lash and the Imperial Soldiery
21 Lionel Munby, D Huw Owen, James Scannel Local History since 1945: England, Wales and Ireland
23 Jim Riordan The last British Comrade trained in Moscow: the Higher Party School 1961 – 1963
25 Francis King The Narodniks in the Russian Revolution: Russia’s Socialist-Revolutionaries in 1917
29 Willie Thompson Setting an Agenda, Thomson, Dobb Hill and the Communist Party Historians
30 Richard Hart Caribbean Workers’ Struggles
31 Marilyn J Boxer and John S Partington (eds) Clara Zetkin: National and International Contexts
33 Christian Høgsbjerg Mariner, Renegade & Castaway: Chris Braithwaite – Seamen’s Organiser, Socialist and Militant Pan-Africanist
34 Duncan Bowie Our History. Roots of the British Socialist Movement
35 Frank Tanner British Socialism in the Early 1900s
36 Malcom Chase, Willie Thompson and David Parker Eric Hobsbawm: Socialist Historian
37 ed. David Morgan ‘Stop the First World War’: Movements Opposed to the First World War in Britain, France and Germany
38 John Newsinger Sylvia Pankhurst, the easter Rising and the Woman’s Dreadnought
39 Steve Cushion “Killing Communists in Havana” The Start of the Cold War in Latin America
41 ed. David Morgan 1917 The Russian Revolution, Reactions and Impact
42 ed. David Morgan The Labour Party in Historical Perspective
43 Danny Reilly & Steve Cushion Telling the Mayflower Story: Thanksgiving or Land Grabbing, Massacres & Slavery?
44 Edited by Steve Cushion and Christian Høgsbjerg Treason: Rebel Warriors and Internationalist Traitors
46 Greta Sykes and David Morgan Writers of the Left in an Age of Extremes
47 Merilyn Moos and Steve Cushion On Strike against the Nazis
48 Duncan Bowie 20th Century Socialism in Britain