About the Socialist History Society

The Society takes an interest in every aspect of human history from the earliest social formations to modern society, its culture and political activities. We encourage anyone with an interest in our history to join us and participate in our activities. The Society is particularly interested in the struggles of labour, women, progressive and peace movements throughout the world, as well as the movements and achievements of working class communities, colonial peoples, black people, and other oppressed groups seeking social justice, human dignity and liberation.

The Secretary is David Morgan who can be contacted here…

Each year the society produces two issues of the journal Socialist History, one or two historical pamphlets in the Occasional Papers series, and frequent newsletters. It holds a lecture and debate in London every two months. In addition, the SHS organises occasional conferences, book-launch meetings, and joint events with other sympathetic groups.

We hold regular events, public meetings and one-off conferences, and contribute to current historical debates and controversies. The society produces a range of publications, including the journal Socialist History. It can sometimes assist with individual student research.

From History Workshop, by Willie Thompson: From Communist Party Historians’ Group to Socialist History Society, 1946-2017