“Uncomradely and un-communist”- the CPGB and CPA Debate, 1947-1948

Speaker: Gregory Billam

The Communist Parties of Great Britain and Australia until May 1943 were dutiful members of the Comintern, however, when this body was disbanded by Stalin, both Parties were notably excluded from the newly established Cominform in late 1947. Deemed to be on the periphery of international communism, this newly found ‘independence’ prompted a turn towards Communist Parties developing their own ‘roads’ to socialism, and by extension unofficial organising hubs or spheres of influence. Read on ...

Willie Thompson (1939 – 2023)

We are saddened to learn of the death of Professor Willie Thompson, President of the Socialist History Society, and author of numerous books on socialist history. A full appreciation will follow in due course. We send our deepest sympathies to his family and all his loved ones. Willie made an enormous contribution to the SHS and our work, including editing our journal for many years. Read on ...

Labour Revolt in Britain 1910-14

The Labour revolt that swept Britain in the years before the First World War was one of the most sustained outbreaks of industrial militancy and social revolt the country has ever experienced
The industrial militancy involved large-scale strikes by miners, seamen, dockers, railway workers and many others, and was dominated by unskilled and semi-skilled workers, many acting independently of trade-union officials.
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Commemorating Charlie Hutchison and other Black British Communists

10 May 2023 7:00 pm

David Horsley will be speaking on
Charlie Hutchison and other Black British Communists
Free to attend, but you will need to register in advance:

At the age of 18, Charlie Hutchison volunteered to join the International Brigades to fight for the nascent Spanish Republic, being the only Black British citizen to do so. Read on ...