How to join the Socialist History Society

Socialist History is the journal of the Socialist History
Society. Members receive two copies of the journal per year and
all the society’s occasional publications.

  • Concessionary subscriptions are now available online. However,
    to cover the additional costs of accepting such payments, concessionary
    subscriptions purchased online cost £1.00 more than the equivalent
    subscription paid by cash or cheque.
  • The overseas subscription has been divided into ‘European’
    and ‘Rest of the world’ subscriptions, to cover the much higher
    postage costs involved in sending materials outside Europe.
  • If you live in the euro-zone, and would like to pay in euros,
    please contact the treasurer for instructions.
  • We cannot normally accept cheques in any currency other than
    sterling. High bank charges make it uneconomical for us to accept
    them. However, if you have no other way of paying, please contact
    the treasurer.

Join online with PayPal

Join by post

Alternatively, please send your name and address plus a sterling cheque/PO payable to ‘Socialist History Society’ to:

The Secretary, SHS
50 Elmfield Road
London SW17 8AL

SHS membership rates for 2015

Membership rates are as follows:

  • UK individual membership £25 (£18 concessionary)
  • European membership £30 (£24 concessionary)
  • Rest of the world £35 (£29 concessionary)

Other rates

Details of institutional subscription rates, and all other membership enquiries can be emailed to Francis King.