Raphael Samuel and People’s History

A look at the work of socialist historian Raphael Samuel and the History Workshop movement.
2pm, Saturday, 1st June 2024 
John Merrick, editor, Workshop of the World: Essays in People’s History by Raphael Samuel (Verso)
Anna Davin, socialist feminist historian and author of Growing Up Poor, among other works, who was part of the History Workshop and a founder editor of its journal.
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Horatio Bottomley and the Far Right Before Fascism

Socialist History Society meeting

Horatio Bottomley grew up in a prominent secularist family, knew Bradlaugh and Holyoake from a young age, before making his own career as a newspaper proprietor. He became an anti-socialist Liberal, a war-time champion of anti-German riots, and finally a leading figure in the post-1918 far right. Read on ...