A materialist approach to fascism – past and present

Speaker: Paul Mason

2pm, Saturday, 26th February 2022

The far right is on the rise across the world. From Modi’s India to Bolsonaro’s Brazil and Erdogan’s Turkey, fascism is not a horror that we have left in the past; it is a recurring nightmare that is happening again – and we need to find a better way to fight it. Read on ...

Stalin’s Library: A Dictator and his Books

A compelling intellectual biography of Stalin told through his personal library

A Socialist History Society meeting with historian Geoffrey Roberts.

In this engaging life of the twentieth century’s most self-consciously learned dictator, Geoffrey Roberts explores the books Stalin read, how he read them, and what they taught him. Stalin firmly believed in the transformative potential of words and his voracious appetite for reading guided him throughout his years. Read on ...

Daring to Hope

A personal history of the politics of the 1970s
A meeting of the Socialist History Society with historian Sheila Rowbotham

The SHS is pleased to announce that our first talk of 2022 was with historian Sheila Rowbotham who discussed her involvement in the women’s liberation movement, left-wing politics and the “alternative” culture of the 1970s. Read on ...

‘G.D.H. Cole: A Libertarian Trapped in the Labour Party’

Socialist History Society Meeting

A talk by David Goodway

G.D.H. Cole (1889-1959) declared forcefully at the end of his life that he was ‘neither a Communist nor a Social Democrat…but something…essentially different from both’. He had been a leading Guild Socialist at the time of World War One and that, he explained, was what he remained. Read on ...

The Workers’ Movement and Revolution in Egypt since 1919

Socialist History Society Meeting – on-line via Zoom
14th October, 6:30pm
Speaker Anne Alexander

Anne Alexander is the co-author, with Mostafa Bassiouny, of Bread, Freedom, Social Justice: Workers and the Egyptian Revolution (Zed, 2014). She is a founder member of MENA Solidarity Network, the co-editor of Middle East Solidarity and a member of the University and College Union (UCU).