Two Hundred Years of Dulwich Radicalism

by Duncan Bowie

Two Hundred Years of Dulwich Radicalism by Duncan Bowie is a fascinating read for anyone who is interested in British political and social history, the history of the Dulwich area, or both,

Obtainable from local bookshops in Dulwich or directly from the £10.

It documents the lives of men and women, some of them – like John Ruskin, Ebenezer Howard and Sam King – celebrated figures whose stories are well known, others less so, but no less fascinating.The biographies enable us to imagine a hive of political activity taking place across the Dulwich area over time, from campaign meetings to pamphlet writing, dinner party conversations, organising and speech writing.

Duncan’s book is a source of inspiration. It is a reminder of what can be achieved by passionate people, driven by a desire for justice and fairness, working together; and it is a fascinating insight into our local history and the contribution that the Dulwich area has made to social and political change across three centuries.

Helen Hayes MP Member of Parliament for Dulwich and West Norwood