Socialism in the English-Speaking Caribbean seminar series

The Socialist History Society, The Institute of Commonwealth Studies and The Society for Caribbean Studies will be holding a series of online research seminars.

The participants have been invited to submit written papers in advance of the seminars. These will be available to everyone who registers.

Attendance is free, but advance registration is necessary.

You can download the programme and the abstracts of the presentations here…

30th March at 6pm– register here:–srDwoGdPcbCS9vlSPeSE49e9Lnm2R

Matthew Myers ‘Jamaica – Britain – One Struggle!’: Transnational socialisms and black workers’ newspapers between the Caribbean and Britain (Flame, 1975-1979)
Marsha Hinds Woman and Caribbean Socialism
Anne’el Bain Under The Eagle’s Eye: Cooperation As A Survival Mechanism Among Leftist Cuba, Grenada And Nicaragua, 1979-1990
Chair Michael Mahadeo